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MIGRATIONS, GIVORS – Alexandre Guirkinger

MIGRATIONS, GIVORS – Alexandre Guirkinger

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The twenty-one landscapes featured in this book were conceived in March 2022 during a photography workshop led by Alexandre Guirkinger and arranged by the exhibition space and resource center Stimultania in partnership with the CADA Le Moulin reception center for asylum seekers and the non-profit organization Forum réfugiés. Eight migrants having recently settled in Givors took part in the workshop. Ali Rahmani, Fkadu A., Habibollah R., Nasim Rahimi, Nicole M., Nuhas K., Omid M. and Souleyman N. first identified the places that made an impression on them when they arrived in the city, that they visit every day, that they especially like, or that typify France for them. Following an initial scouting phase, the landscapes were produced using an 8-by-10-inch view camera in dialogue with Alexandre Guirkinger. All of the participants printed contact sheets for their photographs and then wrote captions for them in their native languages.

Published by RVB Books.
48 Pages
32 × 20 cm
Hard cover
ISBN: 978-2-492175-20-6


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