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Then There Was Us AND 2022

Then There Was Us AND 2022

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AND is an annual selection of some of the best up and coming influential documentary and portrait photographers from across the globe, showcasing in this heterogeneous collection of poignant and inspiring imagery, a response to a shifting culture and change to the way photography is produced, shared and consumed. This is then there was us magazine's ones to watch of 2022. This year we have selected 52 photographers from across the world to be part of our second AND annual.

Product Details:
Size: A4
Pages: 60
Binding: Perfect Bound
Front Cover: GF Smith Neenah Environment
Paper: 150gsm Recycled
Photographers Featured: 52
Published: Public Source
Project: Then There Was Us


Harry Rose
Jack Kenyon
Toby Binder
Cinzia Laliscia
Caitlin Chescoe
Gawain Barnard
Meg Tall
Bryan Birks
Matthieu Kaercher
Niall Lüdecke
Megan Dalton
Henrik Ljusberg
Monty Kaplan
Fiona Veronique
Ruthie Brownfield
Raul Guillermo
Aristidis Schnelzer
Jack Sorokin
Irene Muñoz
Jake Eshelman
Joanna Wzorek
Nathan Appleyard
Jacob Robinson
Fergus Riley
Mauro Curti
Kate Schultze
Callum O’Keefe
Alex Kurunis
Ben Ward
Theo McInnes
Karah Mew
Joseph Horton
Ciro Battiloro
Curtis Hughes
Nils Böddingmeier
Raphael Gaultier
Greg Turner
Mon Levchenkova
Matthew MacPake
Karl Bailey
Jacopo Paglione
Sathya Parthasarathi
Mark Rammers
Paul Freeth
Leia Ankers
Tudor Etchells
Jessica Dunston
Ana Paganini
Chan-yang Kim
Gabriella Tigoglu
Will Jivcoff
Callan Dooley



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